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What People are Saying!

Thank you to all of our clients who took the time to write us a review and show appreciation for the hard we do here at Paw Paradise! As a small family-owned business we love and appreciate all of our customers. Here you will find some of our most recent reviews and the others located in the "Unrecommended" section of Yelp. Yelp uses a software to sort reviews and for some reason has not posted 22 of our well-earned reviews from our past boarding and training clients. 

We hope to meet you all soon!!

GG Adkins

San Fransisco, CA


5 stars

Hello again, Paw Paradise!! It's been 5 days since getting back Chakra, my Malinios/Dutch Shepherd mix. I initially adopted her to be somewhat protective of me, and although she is protective, it wasn't enough. I wanted a guard dog/perfect citizen type of dog, and Lori made that happen! I contacted Lori through and after having spoken to 4 other trainers, I was relieved to say I made the right decision.

Lori made me feel safe and secure about her training, and unlike the other trainers, she didn't beat around the bush and avoid my questions. Chakra is sooo happy, and she listens on the spot. I had asked for specific words to be used while training Chakra, and Lori executed them perfectly. I can walk her safely on and off leash using my Mini Educator, and Chakra responds so much better than she did before. I would give more stars if I could, but for now I would just like to say I couldn't be happier with Lori and Paw Paradise for their amazing care and training.

Thank you guys!!

Nikki D.

San Diego, CA



Cheeky is a 3 year old female Bullmastiff that weighs close to 130lbs. Having just moved into a new apartment in Downtown San Diego, I really needed help with her separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and aggression towards strangers. She could literally break out of any crate if ever out her in. After saving up a bit and finding Paw Paradise through, I chose to work with Lori at Paw Paradise to see if she could help me with my issues and I couldn't be happier with my results. She made the process super easy and fast to get her started. Our first initial meeting was a little nerve racking because Cheeky was her typical "unwelcoming" self. But Lori was patient and after a short walk side by side Cheeky warmed up and I left her for her Board and Train Bootcamp.

Throughout the training I would request pictures and Lori would send me videos and updates within the hour. Cheeky was making progress slowly but surely and I'm so happy with how much information she was willing to give me. Cheeky isn't very good motivated but Lori found her weakness for squeaky toys and it seemed to be smooth sailing from there.

Lori and her husband Ruben are so amazing and they clearly have a passion for everything they do for us fur parents. Thank you so much for the professionalism and quality of care. And especially thank you Lori for training my girl to be the best version of herself she can be. I would highly recommend anyone who has a dog suffering from anxiety or reactivity to go to Lori. After 4 weeks I have a whole new dog and I feel so at peace walking her downtown.

Jeremy A.

Temecula, CA



Our golden doodle Auggie was left to the care of Lori and her team at Paw Paradise and we were greatly pleased with what they were able to do. He previously had issues with nervous biting when he felt uncomfortable and wasn't the best listener. Through her training and Auggie's exposure to an E collar, he now is doing much better! We would recommend Paw Paradise to anyone interested in helping their pup with behavior. We plan now to board Auggie whenever we're out of town. Thanks Lori!!

Dillon K.

Point Loma, CA



Lori trained my dog Cairo and all I can say is wow. I was at my breaking point with him and feeling like I had failed him as an owner. Lori not only got through to my best boy and trained him to be the best version of himself but she also got through to me and made me the best dog parent of myself. Very great-full for you.

Anthony G.

Chula Vista, CA



I took my two pit bull there for training. They were really outrageous and I'm very happy with them now. Jumping barking biting and wouldn't listen for nothing. After 45 days of training I've got new dogs I'm so happy I found this miracle dog trainer. One year old pit bull puppies have been transformed into listening well behaved house dog dogs. I can't thank them enough. I highly recommend this business they will be training all of my new puppies.

Thank you Lori and Ruben for my new Dogs.

Steven M.

San Diego, CA


Let's just start by saying I can't believe I can walk my dog out in public!

After 2 trainers and out $5000 I was referred to Paw Paradise by a co-worker. My 5 year old Rottweiler Sage and I had to move into a new place due to Covid and she wasn't adjusting to our new neighborhood. She's always been a little timid but after the move she started lunging and reacting to little dogs. I had paid for 1 in home trainer (which only lasted 2 lesson attempts) group lessons (highly don't recommend for a dog with Sages issues) and finally I found Lori with the options of a bootcamp. I didn't realize there was dog trainers who keep the dogs in their home with them while they trained them. I signed up Sage for a 3 week bootcamp that wasn't cheap but definitely worth every penny. Lori even asked to keep Sage for an extra week with no extra cost from me because she just wasn't 100% confident that Sage was ready for a walk out in public. I was hesitant of course because Sage is my only partner and I missed her but the risk of her actually biting someone or another dog just wasn't worth it.

Fast worward-Lori and I scheduled a "Go Home" lesson and after about 1 1/2hrs of having me repeat Sages new commands and a walk through her neighborhood, Sage came home.

It took a little work once we got home byt now I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Sage is excited to go for walks, happy with wiggle butts, and she is far more confident than ever. Thanks again Paw Paradise!! Sage and I couldn't be happier!

Somaditya S.

Poway CA.



Our dog, a Belgian Malinois named Oscar, was always friendly but had a couple of issues, particularly leash pulling. After the board and train, Oscar became significantly more well-behaved and all of his pulling went away. Oscar seemed to like the place and there were plenty of updates on how he was doing. Oscar went on hikes and Lori, the trainer, was very generous with us. This place is great.

Allison J.

Solana Beach, CA.



Best trainer ever!! Sincerely cares for the pups she's training. Our pups barked at everything on walks, chased everything on hikes and pulled like crazy on leash. Pups are amazing now, quite the transformation! Can take them to restaurants and off leash hikes/beach with no issue. Recall is amazing!! Very smart training method using psychology of dog, can't find that anywhere else!

Taylee S.

Vista, CA.



Lori is an amazing trainer! We took Paisley there for the 4 week boarding program and are forever thankful for Paw Paradise. Paisley is a 9 month old border collie, German Shepard mix and before this program we were nervous to bring her out as she would wrestle out of her harness with another dog in sight. We are now able to take her outside in our apartment complex and she will just ignore the dogs walking by thanks to Lori's training! She kept her silly personality with us and we are now able to show others her awesome personality instead of her aggressive one.

Marisa N.

Apple Valley, CA


I can not say enough wonderful things about Paw Paradise. Lori, the owner, has such an incredible gift when it comes to working with dogs. The true dog whisperer She went above & beyond to help me as an owner also feel well informed on what i was doing after my fur baby left her facility.

(I work with kids so i already knew that more than half of "training"/learning was continuing things at home as the parent/owner) Sometimes its hard as an owner to understand & continue things correctly so that it "sticks" but it's a true investment so that's such a huge part of it! She did everything to make sure that all of her and my pups hard work continued at home and set us both up for success!

She is extremely knowledgeable & when you bring your dog to her, they are in a home setting. your pup is part of the family.

She made sure that my dog wasn't stressed, she made sure i was informed on healthy diet choices for him, and she even gave me more information on his specific breed to help me understand his temperament & better training techniques that were adjusted to HIM i can't thank Lori enough for treating us both like family

Kim A. 

San Diego, CA



I have boarded our dog here multiple times while we have been on vacations. Always EXTREMELY pleased! I would highly recommend Paw Paradise.

Rachael G.

San Francisco, CA


1 photo

If I could give ten stars, I would with no hesitation. Lori and her family went above and beyond to work with our sweet, but stubborn 4-year old pit bull mix. We feel so much more confident now as pet owners, and I think that confidence will only help our dog improve. We now have a "tool belt" full of commands and strategies that our dog learned in just three weeks.

Lori kept in touch with pictures and video during that time, and gave a thorough training upon pick up, with the assurance that we could text her anytime if we needed some guidance.

If you are looking for a clean, spacious, trustworthy board and train place, look no further than Paw Paradise. My only regret is that we didn't bring our dog here sooner.

Our sweet boy who is slowly mastering "go to your bed."

Sarah S.

Poway, CA


Our dog Leo has always been energetic and loves people. He just didn't know how to show it without jumping all over someone and making anyone new coming into the house a nerve wracking experience. I have small children so he would bolt out of the door or could not be outside alone without whining or barking to come back in unless someone was outside even for a few minutes.

Since we put Leo in his intensive training over 6 months ago he still has maintained his skills. We have seen a huge improvement in his separation anxiety. He was able to be around my grandmother who is very afraid of dogs and with her Parkinson's is a huge fall risk. So no jumping could happen.

Leo was able to respect boundaries and did not jump on her once and only would come to her to try and say hi gently but I was able to redirect him and by the end of the week she was feeding him food and petting him!

We can't thank Paw Paradise enough! We have a wonderful dog who does not need to be crated and can be trusted at home and is so loved we are so thankful!

Laura N.

Pacific Beach, CA.



I've been taking my dogs to Paw paradise for several years. I drive 30 min and it's been worth the drive. I never have a problem boarding my dogs. My dogs are always happy and the communication on how my dogs are doing is great. My dogs have been introduced to chickens , ducks and cats. I haven't experienced training. I only board but I notice my dogs come back less needy and they sleep throughout the night vs waking me up to go potty. My dogs are too spoiled at home but at camp they come home less spoiled in a good way. Tired and always happy to go back. They get lots of play time with other dogs which is good since I don't go to the dog parks. I always feel comfortable leaving my dogs at paw paradise.

Vanessa P.

Poway, CA


Could not recommend this place more!! Our dog Piper went there for a training boot camp and returned home a perfectly behaved dog! We were all in disbelief!

We had a lot of issues- she would jump on kids, nibble, chew everything, bolt out the door, not socialize with/go to attack other dogs, steal food from our table, bark like crazy whenever any one walked by, get crazy hyper if we had a bunch of people over. All of these issues were resolved! She's so much calmer now- but it still super fun/playful. She will "go to bed" and stay there when i ask her to. She will sit, heel, get off, go down on command- even with kids running around her eating all kids of treats. She doesn't run out our door anymore. She can even be off leash in our front yard and ignore dogs/people as they walk by. Incredible!

Would highly recommend Paw Paradise and Lori to anyone looking to correct any behavior. So happy we found her because i was honestly wondering if we could keep her indefinitely if she kept having all those problems. It was so stressful. What a relief that we have a well behave "perfect pipes" now, i call her

Kristel E.

Altadena, CA


Lori and Reuben of Paw Paradise are top notch E-collar trainers. We sent our 8-month old puppy, Hazel (large mixed breed rescue) for a 1-month E-collar training program with Lori. We have never tried E-collar training and were a little hesitant, but I am now fully convinced as to its benefits.

Hazel came back perfectly trained and knows her place in our household. She has a lot more confidence too.

Hazel was a timid, counter surfing, not coming, sweet tornado of a puppy! Not aggressive, just timid, babied and not trained. For the long-term happiness of our family we gave this a try and could not be happier. Hazel listens, comes on command, stays, has much more confidence, does not even go near the counter or food left out anymore...Lori did an amazing job. Highly recommend their E collar training, puppy daycare and boarding. So glad we recently found them, we are all much happier and saner"!

As for boarding at Paw Paradise, also top notch. Our older dog is a mixed German Sheppard breed and has separation anxiety. He would always come home with kennel nose from boarding experiences. At Paw Paradise, he is mainly kept cage free and he comes home happy, relaxed and with no nose issues for the 1st time in his 10 years boarding history!

Mary Z.



This review is long over due. I have tried everything that Paw Paradise has to offer, their boarding, training and daycare. I cannot rave about this place enough.

Daycare: They pride themselves that they can deal with any dog no matter how aggressive or what issues they have. They can find a play mate for that dog. They are really really really knowledgeable with different dogs and breeds. Some pet daycares seem to employ people who love dogs and give the dogs everything that they want, which isn't aways the best thing. Sometimes dogs need space just like how we need space. Or sometimes they just don't play along with another dog for that specific day. Hey we all have mood swings and our dogs are no different. My dog Captian always comes home happy and tired after a fun day at the daycare. It is an out door day care so on the days it rains, you should just keep your dog at home. They have half day boarding (six hours) or full day (more than six hours). They are SUPER competitively priced.

Boarding: Lots of places tell me to bring the dogs bedding. Last place I boarded my dog I was giving a trash bag full of the shredded bedding. Paw Paradise told me not to bother with a bed at all. I Loved that they don't try to appease everything that the owners want because they have a deep understanding of how dogs are. No added fees for medication giving, or giving extra treats that I brought. Plus captain got to play in day care every day during his boarding where as other places would charge you for everything.

Importantly! Your dog doesn't need to be fixed to go here!!!!! I have called around to so many different day cares and boarding facilities and they all require the dog to be fixed in order to let the dog out to play with other dogs. But Paw Paradise doesn't believe that is necessary. Not that I don't believe in fixing my dog, but I am waiting for the right time.

Training: My dog has gone through obedience training at a different facility, however I really wanted to do off leash training. GAME. CHANGER. Let me tell you. I really feel like I don't ever need to second guess if he will listen to me or not. Cause he will now. I have gone on several hikes already with him off leash and its nice to know he can wander around sniffing everything he wants to sniff and will come back when I call him.

I can't rave enough about Paw Paradise. When you pull up it doesn't look like that awesome. But looks can be deceiving because it really has to do with the people at the facility and what they provide for the dogs. Are they attentive with with different dog demeanors and sounds. Do they KNOW what is going on with a certain bark or growl. Not all dog sounds means something dangerous. I have gone to expensive places with dog tv for the dogs and everything and have been sorely disappointed with the services they provide and how NOT attentive/knowledgable about dog behavior they were. To find a place that does it all is tough. To find a place that does it all AND reasonably prices is a diamond in the rough.

Karen M.

San Diego, CA.


Well as my son said "She is an Amazing Lady". I have a very stobborn girl. She is a mix Golden Retriever, Lab and an few others . She was jumping on people, bolting and pulling amoung other things. Lori worked on all of these problems and to my amazement she is manageable. I am continuing to work with her because she would go back to jumping or pulling in a heart beat I think. But with Lori's techiniques and in training ME it is working. I love Paw Paradise and infact have both my dogs already booked to go back for Boarding. Karen M.

Abel R.

San Diego, CA



Lori and her staff have helped turn our high energy collie/lab mix with no idea of boundaries into a super pup who is great indoors and will heal and has made walks so much more pleasurable. Lori goes above and beyond including following up to check if we need any extra help. We also take our pup to Paw Paradise at least once a week to play and socialize with the other dogs. Our dog loves this place. We highly recommend Paw Paradise.

Julieanna M.

Mount Hope, KS.



I took my dog Daisy to Paw Paradise to be trained by Lorie and she came back more trained and obedient then I could have hoped for. When I picked Daisy up, Lorie was very thorough on the commands and how to continue it at home. Paw Paradise gave us such a great experience we still take Daisy back for doggy day care. I would highly recommend Lorie and Paw Paradise to anyone who is looking for dog training or dog daycare.

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