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"Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.." - W.R. Purche

Professional Dog Training here at Paw Paradise!

Does your dog have problems with any of these?
  • Jumping
  • Excessive Barking
  • Pulling on the Leash
  • Reactivity
  • Overexcitement
  • Crate or Potty Training
  • Chewing or Destruction
  • Socialization with people or dogs
  • Showing aggression towards people or dogs

 All of our clients receive a customized, goal-oriented plan that is tailor made to meet your family’s needs & canine obedience aspirations. We always consider your dog's personality, behavioral history, and working drive before executing any training.

Repetition for any dog, young or old, is very important. An hour lesson once or twice a week does not always generate the results you want, and you are stuck doing most of the work. Training takes time, dedication, patients and consistency. Let us do it for you! Thanks to our hard-working trainers, dogs return home balanced, calm, confident and more social. Once your dog has the training under their paws, we can then start working with you on how to keep them on track with what they have learned. Paw Paradise will not send home an untrained dog. On the day of go-home, we will spend an hour or more working with you and your dog to make sure you understand the commands, and your dog respects that you are giving those commands. Once we have all established common ground, you are free to go home and if there is any confusion or problems, we can set up a meet to go over those issues personally at no extra cost!

Here at Paw Paradise we train from the animal’s perspective so that your dog is understood from its point of view.

Many of the behavior problems and aggression issues come from misunderstanding and that creates an imbalance between your dog and human which creates the issues you are experiencing. Imagine trying to communicate with your dog without using words, telepathically. After training hundreds of dogs and years of understanding their body language and personalities, we are 100% confident we can successfully communicate with your pup and help them become a shining star in your family and society.


We understand how hard it can be to send your pooch away but with our programs, they receive the benefits of learning in a professional house setting just like they would at home, and you are always welcome to text or call our personal line during business hours for updates pictures and videos.

In order to maintain a fun and relaxing boarding experience, Kennel time is limited during the day. From sun-up to sun-down we stay active and focused throughout the day! If they are not working directly with the trainer, they spend time in play groups, or working towards becoming a part of the pack. One on one time with a trainer, pool time, Starbucks runs, hiking, parks beaches and much more is always included! The older guys prefer to lay around and sunbathe on there down time and that’s okay to! We do our best to encourage an active pup for exercise and stimulation, but nothing is forced upon them. 

"Id have more chance of remembering your name if you were a dog"- Lori McClure

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