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Paw Paradise Board and Train Facility 

Interested in Training?

Check Out Our  Home Away From Home Program! 

15075 Sycamore Canyon Road Poway CA 

Call us at 619-997-7482 for your free consultation today!

We also offer 15% off all services for Military Discount.

Update: Paw Paradise is now offering Private individual lessons. click here to learn more!

The Best Boarding and Training Facility in Poway, CA

We understand choosing a trainer can be hard, we also understand that training is a big financial commitment, but don’t be quick to make a decision based off who’s the cheapest. Do your research, ask questions, and feel comfortable with your choice. Here at Paw Paradise, we are here to help no matter decision comes your way. So please ask for advice on your journey, we are happy to help! We strive for that one-on-one relationship you and your dog deserve. We base each Board and Train specific to your needs. We are a professional home-based facility, so no high stress kennel environment. Please feel to check out what we have to offer, we look forward to speaking with you!

Different Dogs, Different Needs, Different Programs

All programs consist of basic obedience, house manners, leash manners, proper public etiquette, off leash recall, socialization with dogs, people and working around distractions. Our trainers incorporate walks, hikes, park visits, Starbucks runs, restaurant experiences and beach trips into there training stay. LEARN MORE

Dogs teach us a lot of things in this world, but none more important than unconditional love.

Dog Boarding

Here at Paw Paradise we focus on pure comfort of your pooch. When we say we run off of your dog, we mean it! Unfortunately, due to Covid, a lot of dogs are not as social as they once were, and they don’t like an overwhelming feeling of being in a play yard with 10+ dogs. WE UNDERSTAND! Here we have 4 separate play yards, and your dog is more than welcome to have one of their own to sunbathe or play with some toys. LEARN MORE


Unfortunately, Due to high demand from clients who have trained aggressive and non-aggressive dogs with Paw Paradise, we are only boarding dogs who have been trained with Paw Paradise.




It is completely understandable that some dogs just do not like other dogs. Being socialized isn't uncommon and we are willing to work with that. Space is limited for nonsocial gets to ensure they have as much playtime with a caregiver as possible. 

It doesnt get much better than this!!!!

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